Equipment and supplies for Styrocut 2 and 3

Styrocut 3 with equipment

Table Extension (Order Code 24-0111)
Table Extension by front and back rollers only for STYROCUT-3.


Pedal Switch (Order Code 24-0113), 
both hands free for handling the workpiece.

Always included.


Angle Cutting Glide (Order Code 24-0116)
up to 180° to be fastend to or gliding along gde bar.


Depth Setting (Order Code 24-0119)
for pre-adjustment of cutting depth.


Horizontal Cutter (Order Code 24-0112)
for cutting slices even not parallel. Cutting heigth up to 120 mm (4.7 in), cutting width up to 300 mm (11.8 in).


Circular Cutter (Order Code 24-0114)
cut cylinder bowls, cones and other shapes. Diameter 19 to 220 mm (.75 to 8.7 in).


Long Guide Bar 540 / 50 mm (Order Code 24-0118).


Cutting-Height-Extension (Order-Code 24-0210) for 60 and 110 mm more free opening.


10-m-Spool of Wire (400 in, standard content) and 

40-m-Spool of Wire (1570 in) the "long life spool" we advice to order in substitution for 10 m spool.


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