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Hot Wire Cutting Machine
24-0300 STYROCUT 3 
hot wire cutting for model making applications, also for landscaper modelling. 80 to 210 mm cutting height.
Standard contents: pedal switch, protractor, steel ruler 300 mm, 2 hexagonal spanners,10-m-spool of cutting wire (400 in). Power supply110 - 240 VAC / secondary 12 VDC, weight about 6 kg (11 lb).
Set offer
24-0308 Special offer 
STYROCUT–3–set including Angle Cutting Glide, Depth Setting, Horizontal Cutter, Circular Cutter and Long Guide Bar.
24-0113 Pedal Switch with 2 m extension lead (700 in). An essential aid because both hands remain free to work. Switches the wire as long as heat is needed. Spare Part, always included in Styrocut. 35,00
24-0116 Angle Cutting Glide: Side length 100 mm (3.9 in). With adjustable nose for serial and accurate cutting. 
Gliding along Guide Bar or being moved, when fixed to it.
24-0119 Depth Setting: for exact pre-adjustment of cutting depth. Essential for exact serial cutting of notches. This is particularly advisable because of the bending of the cutting wire and its related follow-up effect. 19,00
24-0112 Horizontal Cutter tightens a cutting wire between bracket and rip fence for cutting slices even not parallel. Cutting height up to 120 mm (4.7 in), cutting width up to about 300 mm (11.8 in). No danger of wobbling because workpiece lies flat upon working surface. 36,50
24-0114 Circular Cutter: cuts cylinders, cylinder bowls, cones and other shapes like cooling towers (hyperbolic paraboloides). Diameter from 19 to 220 mm (.75 to 8.7 in) and up to about 110 mm height (4.3 in). Rotates 360° due to 1:2 gear ratio without having to change hands. 78,50
24-0111 Table Extension by front and back rollers only for STYROCUT-3. Held by two beams. Ball-bearing rolls are attached in front of and behind the working surface. They work like a table extension enabling a smooth gliding also with larger and longer workpieces. Must always be ordered separately. 48,00
24-0118 Long rip fence: higher and longer guide for higher and longer workpieces, attached and dismantled quickly. 
Size 540 x 50 mm (21.3 x 2 in). Specially recommended for STYROCUT-3.
 24-0230 Cutting-Height-Extension together with stronger power supply 3A, combined with supplementary cutting wire 0,25 mm 60,50
  Adapter-Plug for North-America 1,00
  Adapter-Plug for United Kingdom 2,00
24-0110 10-m-Spool of Wire (400 in) Nickel-chrome resistant wire 0.19 mm (.0075 in), may be tightened by cold-stretching (re-stringing after initial stringing). Expansibility about 25%, resistance 40 Ohms / m (1 Ohms/in). 4,40
24-0160 40-m-Spool of Wire (1570 in) the "long life spool" 12,90
Hint: 40-m-spool of wire exchanged against standard content-10-m-spool when ordered together with a new Styrocut 8,50
Hint: Cutting-Height-Extension ordered together with a new Styrocut 38,40
  Euro-warranty 2 Years, Worldwide-warranty 1 Year 
(costs of secure transportation have to be borne by customer)
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